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Servant Ministries, located on the eastern side of Guatemala, was founded by missionary, Nancy Sheldon.  This ministry is committed to the fulfillment of the "Great Commission." Servant Ministries is found in a very remote part of Guatemala; a region known for its poverty, oppression, violence, and hopelessness.

Though Servant Ministries is a multifaceted ministry, its main objective is always to express the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through: Evangelism, Church Planting, Bible Institute, Short Term Mission Teams, as well as Dental and Medical Clinics, Community Projects and Embrace, a children's sponsorship program.

Special Announcements

 1. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF NEW OFFICE NUMBER: We will be disconnecting the landline number that we have used for many years. We now have a cell phone that has What’s App loaded on it; that will allow better monitoring of messages and is more cost effective! Please note that the new number for Servant Ministries’ office is (810) 689-7645!

2.  Have you heard of Amazon Smile? It is a program under Amazon that allows you to select a non-profit organization that you would like to support. You go into the website and sign up and then amazon gives a very small donation (percentage) off of every order that you place with amazon. I think that most of us order from amazon; some more than others😊! It is a one-time thing to do and then it will happen automatically with every order you place. Please take the time to sign up and look for Servant Ministries CA Inc and select it. Drop me a line if you get signed up. It is a way to support missions that will cost you nothing; just a few minutes to get signed up!

What's New/Recent Updates

Samaritan Project

In November we did 3 projects--1 each in La Puente, Agua Zarca, and Tunuco.

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Short-Term Teams

We had 2 short-term teams in November. A team from Monroe, GA  and one from Canton, MI.  

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Embrace Program

November was a busy month for Embrace. We did our quarterly birthday celebration a month early so that the December meetings can be dedicated just to our Christmas outreach.

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Matazano Church

A recent team came from GA, to build a church in the village of Matazano. The foundation was done prior to their arrival. They raised up the walls, put on the roof and plastered the building inside and out while they were here. 

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Property Next to the Ministry Center

We have plans to move our ministry medical clinic to this property sometime in December. The clinic store will be called “The Palms Boutique”. 

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Town VBS

It was nice to be able to do our annual VBS back in town this year, after restrictions from the pandemic from last year. 

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2022 Update Video

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Embrace Website

Visit Servant Ministries' website for the Embrace Child Sponsorship Program.

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Rental Apartment

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime???? Come spend some time in Guatemala

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