We were able to restock our inventory from an offering that came in; that should cover us for a couple of months.  We assisted 23 babies this month. We signed up 5 new babies to begin to receive help; one baby with a cleft lip that could not nurse and needs to be bottle fed.  We recently had a registration for our Embrace program; which only begins at 4 years of age.  But I mention this to say that we found many more children than normal; indicating a lack of nutrition for them and the same is true for the babies now too.  It has been a hard year, with the rainy season starting way later than usual and with last year’s harvest being depleted; people are left to buy their staples.  For many this is not possible.  Short supplies of food for adults affects the mother’s already compromised health and makes that many more babies in risk of not having proper nutrition.  Please help us continue to reach out to these little ones to make sure they have a future!

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