What We Do - Projects

School Sponsorship

The School Sponsorship Project purpose is to improve educational opportunities to village schools by: improving school buildings by painting and making repairs, and providing basic educational supplies to over 70+ schools and 9000+ students, that would be without if not for this project. Crayons, coloring pencils, pencils, essay books, and graph paper further the next generation’s educational opportunities. Get involved by donating to this project or joining a short-term team to pack or distribute the school supplies.

Water Filter/Rain Collection System

Water is an essential vital resource to all people. In the villages of Guatemala this can be particularly difficult to obtain clean and accessible water supplies. Because of the extended times of drought, local water supplies are unavailable, causing hours spent each day traveling and hauling water back to homes. Out of this, the rain collection systems were created to give families the essential resource of water through the collection and retention of rain water. In addition to this system, water filtration systems are distributed to combat the prevalence of waterborne illnesses. You can get involved by donating to Water Filter/Rain Collection project.

Medical Surgical Projects

The ongoing medical teams continue to find patients that need surgical and medical procedures that cannot be treated by the short-term medical team’s village day clinics. These procedures include orthopedic surgery and other important surgeries. Dedicated short-term medical doctors from the U.S. in partnership with Guatemalan physicians perform these life-changing surgeries at no cost. However, there are costs related to lab fees, transportation fees, medicine, and follow up physical therapy. If you are lead to participate in this project financially give by mail or on donations page and select: “surgical/medical fund”


Construction projects are ongoing, as there is always need for construction: new churches need to be built, existing churches need roofs, parsonages need to be built for pastors, churches and schools need painting, and updates and repairs to the Ministry Center. Construction projects are a partnership of local Guatemalans and short-term teams participation. You can get involved by donating to Construction Projects and/or joining a short-term team with this purpose.

Your Generosity Enables the Ministry To The Least Of These.

Even small donations go a long way in Guatemala.  


Like the “good samaritan” in Luke 10, the Samaritan project’s purpose is to assist those in great need in villages such as widows, single parents, and those disabled. The Samaritan project partners with local churches to identify those in need and a project that will improve their living conditions such as a new roof or home repair.


Moringa, is a health supplement that has been found to have very beneficial health benefits. Moringa is grown and processed by local pastors as a “tent making” or “gig’ income for their family. These capsules and powder can be ordered from Servant Ministry. 

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