Who We Are

Our Story

Servant Ministries was born in obedience to fulfill the “Great Commission” and a calling from Jesus to serve an overlooked and underserved remote area. In 1989, Servant Ministries founder, Nancy Sheldon, received what can only be described as a calling to leave her comfortable life as a church secretary. She packed her car, hauled all of her life’s possessions in a horse trailer through Central America with her two children to Guatemala to begin a new ministry.

In the beginning, to be honest, it was difficult. The remote area was not easy to adjust to, the ministry was hard, and the support from believers and churches in the U.S. was slim. Nancy found herself with little resources and support, and it was a time of refining and leaning on God. However, in the coming years the Lord supplied. He supplied his blessing, strength, and direction for the ministry.

The Timeline

Three decades in the making and our story is still being made. Learn about the milestones that have brought us to where we are by clicking on a year.

Our Personnel

Nancy Sheldon


Lidia Vasquez

Ministry Administrator

Abner Moreno

Coordinator Embrace

Ana Orellana

Clinic Administrator

Miriam Alvallero

Clinic Receptionist

Gloria Leon

Chalo, Alma, Viky
Kitchen Staff

Miguel, Wilmer, Edin


Pastors for Servant Ministries

Your Generosity Enables the Ministry To The Least Of These.

Even small donations go a long way in Guatemala.  

What We Believe

Jesus is at the heart of Servant Ministries

We believe the gospel is God’s good news for the whole world, and we are compelled by his grace to obey Christ’s commission, proclaim it to Guatemalans, and to make disciples. 

Servant Ministries affirms the Lausanne Covenant as our foundational statement of belief. 

What Short-Term Volunteers Say

Some of the best and most meaningful times of my life have been treating the poorest of the poor in the mountains of Guatemala. I have been blessed to have been able to serve these special people in some small way.
Dr. Tom Clayton
Crossville, TN
One of my favorite parts of my short-term trip was spending time with an Embrace child. This opportunity helped me realize that speaking the same language isn't important and that all children respond to love.
Brandon Goble
Canton, MI
Since connecting with Servant Ministries 7 years ago I feel that it is my second Home and Family giving me a chance to sow seed into a very fertile soil. I have been blessed more than words can express !!
Dan Thaxton
Gwinnette, GA