Jose Gutierrez is 83 years old and has been a widower for many years.  He cuts firewood to sell to others as a means to support himself; earning about $25 a month.  His house was in very poor condition and the church reached out to assist him.  His comments “I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project and to now have a good roof on my house that allows me to live much more comfortably.  May God bless you for what you did for me and for others who do not have the resources to improve their housing conditions.” 

Enma Ramirez is 60 years old and married.  Their children are grown.  Their house was in bad shape and the church selected them to be candidates under this project.  Enma sells vegetables in the market and her husband does field work; earning approximately $65 monthly together.  Her comments “Thank you for what you do to assist the poor in this area. Having a decent place to live is so important and we are grateful to have received this assistance.  May God continue to bless you as you reach out to those in true need.”


Francisco Espino is 68 years old and has been a widower for several years.  He does agricultural field work for others; earning about $40 a month to support himself.  His house was in need of repair but he did not have the resources to do that on his own.  His comments “Thank you Servant Ministries and to everyone that oversees this wonderful project.  May God bless you in a very special way for providing this kind of assistance to the truly poor.”

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