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Servant Ministries, located on the eastern side of Guatemala , was founded by missionary, Nancy Sheldon. This ministry is committed to the fulfillment of the "Great Commission." Servant Ministries is found in a very remote part of Guatemala; a region known for its poverty, oppression, violence, and hopelessness.

Though Servant Ministries is a multifaceted ministry, its main objective is always to express the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through: Evangelism, Church Planting, Bible Institute, Short Term Mission Teams, as well as Dental and Medical Clinics, Community Projects and Embrace, a children's sponsorship program.

What's New/Recent Updates

Samaritan Project Update

Our Samaritan Project continues to bless families in our mountain villages. May 2018 saw the completion of four projects--two in Agua Zarca and two in Dos Quebradas.

Embrace Entries

May was a busy month for Embrace, as usual. We got some great feedback from the families regarding their “home gardens”.

Maintenance Around the Ministry Center

We have been kept busy around the ministry center and other buildings owned by the ministry. The ministry center was built in 1999 and so we are coming up on 20 years.

Short-Term Teams

If you are wondering how many patients we see in our own medical and dental clinics, take a look at the updated tables. Click the link below and then choose the "Medical Service" and "Dental Service" tabs to view the tables. Also check out the new "Milk Outreach" tab to see the latest on our milk outreach for babies/toddlers.

March - May 2018 Newsletter

Read the latest Servant Ministries Newsletter.

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2018 Video Update

Watch a short video detailing the latest on some of Servant Ministries' ministries.

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Our Latest Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with Servant Ministries happenings by reading its latest newsletter.

Embrace Website

Visit Servant Ministries' new website for the Embrace Child Sponsorship Program.

Rental Apartment

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime???? Come spend some time in Guatemala ...

Order Moringa

Learn about the amazing Moringa tree HERE. To order Moringa, click on the link below.

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