Some repair work was done in December to replace bad wiring and some work on the pump for the ministry’s well.  We knew that going deeper, to provide a greater source of water; was necessary.  This is the work that is beginning now.  They charge by the day and cannot say, with any certainty; how long it will take to find adequate water.  Please pray with us that it doesn’t take long.  This is our source of water when city water is not available.  We usually have issues when we are well into the dry season and the water tables have gone down.  We had to purchase water for the team that was here in December and that is unusual to have issues that time of year.  We live is what is called the “Dry Corridor” and water is a big issue here.  With the multiple properties that the ministry has, plus grass, gardens, pool and hosting teams; we need to have a good supply of water and we hope that this work will provide that and more!

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