New Clinic Site Inauguration

On Tuesday, January 17th, we had our inauguration of the new clinic site (next door to the ministry center). This is now the third location that the ministry clinic has been situated in and I believe each “move” has brought its benefits. Bill and Jeanne Hancock donated the property next door to the ministry center. We decided to “rent with option to buy” our old location and to transfer our clinic to this new location which is right on the main highway and gives much more visibility for people to know that we are there. We had a special celebration to mark this new step in our medical and dental outreach that we offer to this region in Guatemala. We served coffee and bread, gave a coupon for a free medical consultation to everyone who came plus gave special coupons to use at our clinic store. The sales at the clinic store are what allow us to charge only $1.25 for a medical consultation and to give out free medicine. We want to do more promotion to let people know that we are here. We had a cable company come to film our “new opening” and to publicize who we are and what we offer. We are opening a new chapter of the history of the medical clinic and pray that we are able to increase our outreach to impact even more people. We are always in need of donations and welcome your donation and/or collections to keep this clinic in operation. Let us know if you want some suggestions for way you can help! 

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