We continue to reach out to babies and toddlers who are in need of receiving milk to give them proper nutrition.  We assisted 26 babies this month and monitor them to track their improvement.  This makes a huge difference for the little ones.  Mothers many times do not have breast milk to give their babies; due to their own poor nutrition.  The mothers are desperate to look for some help for their babies.  Through recent registrations for Embrace, we have picked up several new candidates for this outreach.  Children have to be 4 years old to come into Embrace but we always get moms that bring their babies; hoping to find assistance.  The milk outreach is a way for us to help these “little ones”.  We have depleted our funds that we had in hand to purchase baby formula.  If you would like to assist us with providing for these little ones; please consider send an offering marked for “baby formula” to our Michigan office so that we can continue to make a difference for these precious babies!

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