Our funding is coming to a close on this special giving but we were able to do the following in May:

The last 2 Samaritan projects to provide better housing for someone.


Victor Ramos is 28 years old and is married with two small children.  This is a special case that we took on to assist this family.  Victor fell out of a tall palm tree about 3 years ago and did damage to his spinal column.  He had surgery done in the capital but he still has to walk on crutches to get around.  We took him to our orthopedic surgeon in Chiquimula but there is no further surgery that can be done to further improve his mobility.  Victor works at a barber shop, cutting hair, as he is able to stand and work; earning about $40 a month.  We wanted to at least reach out and assist this family to improve the state of their house which was in very poor condition.  His comments “I am immensely grateful for this assistance to provide my family with better housing.  With my physical condition I don’t have a lot of options in the work that I can do to support my family.  Having a better house is a huge blessing for me and my family.  May God bless richly everyone that has made this possible!”


Jesus Ramirez is 60 years old and married.  He works doing agricultural work and earns about $25 a month to support them.  His house was in very poor condition and the church reached out to assist them because he did not have the resources to do it on his own.  His comments “May God bless you for your support with this project that provide tin roofs for people.  May the Lord pay you back for reaching out to assist the poor.  Without all of those that made this happen; it would not be possible.  Thank you!”

Embrace sponsorship for 2023 for 2 little girls.

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