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What Can I Do?

PayPal Account

We now have a PayPal account for the ministry. Check out our donations page HERE. We know that this will make on-line giving an easier option for many who are accustomed to doing things like this on the internet. We want to use it for the general ministry first but will soon also set up an Embrace PayPal account to assist any of our Embrace sponsors that would like to make your sponsorship payments that way. We will keep you informed as we move forward on this. Your offerings to Servant Ministries can now be given in this way; we hope this makes it easier for the “electronic generation”!

NOTE: This process is currently ONLY for donations to Servant Ministries and does NOT include the Embrace Program payments and/or donations.

Other Ways to Help!

We would like to give you this area to show you some practical ways that you can be involved. We will list prayer requests and opportunities to participate in the work in Guatemala through the following information:

  • Collect school supplies or funds to buy them – see more information for our “School Sponsorship Project” under Community Projects.
  • Make a lasting change in the life of a Guatemalan child through sponsorship in our Embrace program. See more information under Embrace. 
  • Give monthly support to keep Servant Ministries moving forward with all of its outreaches and ministries.
  • Sponsor a retreat for our national pastors. We like to have one annually.
  • Bring a team to Guatemala and participate through:
    • Medical clinics
    • Construction projects
    • Evangelism
    • Church/open air meetings
    • Children/youth meetings
    • Other
  • Provide funds for Bibles and New Testaments and tracts for ministry outreaches.
  • Be a “Prayer Partner”. We know that it is prayer that paves the way for us to continue to move forward. Here are some specific areas to cover in prayer:
    • For spiritual revival in our churches and the surrounding areas.
    • For health, protection and favor for all ministry workers.
    • We are opening up new areas but need to be able to train up future pastors to oversee them. Please pray that God will touch people’s heart to study at our Bible Institute or bring us people that are already prepared, to oversee these new works.
    • Raising funding for our School Sponsorship Project is a challenge. For our 2018 distribution of school packets to cover about 6500 children in 51 schools in the remote mountain villages, we need to be able to raise $40,000! We also like to provide classroom resources to each of our schools. We are looking for people who want to sponsor a particular school or to contribute to the general fund. Breaking the cycle of illiteracy begins with the children and we want to make a difference in them and their futures!
    • Please pray for more short term groups to come down. We have seen what it does in “their lives” and also what a blessing they are to the ministry and the many outreaches that we oversee.
      We want to keep you informed on what the ministry is doing and to let you know how much we appreciate your prayers and financial support to allow us to keep reaching out in all of these areas.
  • Provide funds for our annual VBS which is in November.

If you are interested in being a participant in any of these areas, please complete the below form and click "Submit Form ".

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