We took both Mercy and Dimas for post-surgical checkups.  Dimas had stitches taken out and was given a full bill of health from the doctor.  He has to restrain from doing any lifting for another 3 months but can attend school and eat a normal diet and is on no medication.  His dad was so appreciative and expressed this from his heart.  Mercy’s hand is trying to pull back a little to its former position.  The doctor encouraged the mom to do a little more therapy with her and to use some kind of immobilizer that will hold her hand/wrist in a better position.  I have to try to find the pediatric size immobilizer while I am in the US to take back.  We will take Mercy back for another checkup in July. We helped with the expenses to take Oslin to a place in the capital that deals with pediatric eye issues.  Unfortunately, the bottom line was that no surgery can be done.  There is damage due to all parts of both eyes that they believe was the result of him having an eye infection when he was younger and not receiving the necessary medical attention.  It is so sad to think that the lack of taking an antibiotic could have given this little boy a much different future.  Now, he is almost blind in both eyes.  We are going to try to get him better glasses that are meant for a child and hopefully this will give him some assistance.

Mercy Dimas Oslin

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