Surgical/Medical Fund


We have had a “Surgical Fund” in the past and have been able to help a limited number of people.  Our medical teams that came in January have helped us to take this to a whole new level.  The teams found a number of cases where surgical invention or medical attention was needed and personally donated funding to help us oversee the necessary care.  Here are a few cases that we are currently dealing with:

1) Mercy is a 7-year-old girl that needed surgery on her hand.  She fell into her mom’s open cooking fire when she was 2 years old.  Besides having scars from the burns, her hand contracted in the healing process; leaving her thumb totally backwards on her left hand and her wrist malformed.  It took 5 hours of surgery to correct the problem and it is a total miracle in the results.  Mercy stayed on ministry property, with her mom, for 2 weeks for her initial healing after the surgery with in-house nursing provided for her.  It will be a long process to see the complete reuse of her hand but we are thrilled with the progress that we are seeing and her parents are soooo grateful!


Dimas is a 10-year-old boy who needs to have surgery on his testicles and penis.  His lab numbers are not in good levels yet so we have him taking iron and providing funding for better food to give him a greater source of protein in his diet.  We hope to be able to do his surgery next month.


Jacinta is a teenage girl that fell about 7 months ago and dislocated her elbow.  Due to not receiving the proper medical care, now surgery is the only option.  Unfortunately, she decided against the surgery which will leave her with an arm in a locked position with very limited usage.  We are praying that the family will change their mind and seek us out to get the surgery done.


Wilson is a little boy who had a fall and has since complained of pain in his feet.  We had x-rays taken which did reveal a minor fracture but the bones have bonded and the doctor believes that his healing will be complete with a little more time and has offered to check him again in a couple of months.



Victor is a 27-year-old man that fell from a palm tree about 3 years ago.  He has been unable to walk, unassisted, since that time.  We had x-rays taken which did reveal that he had had surgery for his initial injury and our doctor felt that the surgery had been correctly done.  He felt that therapy is needed to strength his legs to allow him to walk better.  We took him to a therapy facility who examined him and showed him therapies that can be done at home to hopefully make a difference.  The doctor will reexamine him in 3 months.nce to people! 


What a wonderful way to be able to make a lasting difference to people!  Please help us keep this funding replenished to be able to reach out to others in the future.  Send your donations to the Michigan office and designate them to “Surgical/Medical Fund”.

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