Mercy –  Mercy got her 100 stitches removed from her arm.  She also had the pin removed and the stitches removed from the area that was used for skin grafting.  She is doing daily exercises/therapy with her mom at home and is being encouraged to keep that hand and wrist moving.  The doctor wants to see her again next month to see how she is doing; but we are all thrilled with the difference that we have been able to provide.  Her family is super appreciative!


Dimas –  Dimas had his surgery on March 24.  He needed to have some surgical invention on both his penis and testicles.  His surgery went and he just had to spend one night in the hospital before we sent him home.


We were able to give glasses, from our clinic, to both Francisco and Oslin.  Both children attend one of our sponsored schools and the teacher made us aware of their vision problems.  Both need surgery too, I believe, and we will be working together with the school to see what can be done.  But the glasses will be a short term assistance; to help both to have better sight.

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