Cleveland, TN

May 10-July 18, 2024

5 students from Lee University are housing with us; as they do a 10-week internship.  They are working directly with the Cordero family; who rent our old clinic facility which is now their second school campus for El Olam Colegio.  The students will be giving English classes, chapel time helping with PE classes and working with miscellaneous outreaches for both the Camotan and Jocotan campuses.  What an experience for young people to immerse into a culture, learn to serve in a different country and allow the Lord to use them through their Christian service and witness.  I’m sure this will be an experience that will impact their lives and Servant Ministries is glad to be a part of the process; in at least providing housing for their duration.


May 12-17, 2024

A team of 7 came to do medical outreaches; both at their on-going clinic in town as well as going out to mountain villages.  This group brings teams to stay at the ministry center about 8 times a year; as well as keeping an on-going clinic in operation that provides both medical and dental services.  They have been looking for land to build their own facility and have the dream of one day building a hospital in the Camotan area.  Servant Ministries has provided room/board for these teams for several years; even though they have their own schedules and agendas that they carry out.  Their head doctor is based out of Denver, CO but they have multiple leaders that come in from different parts of the US to lead teams.


Crossville, TN

May 24-28, 2024

A team of 5 came to do a one-day seminar with our pastors and their wives.  This was their main outreach and it was a huge success.  This “team” has come numerous times and the Lord has put a special and deep love in their hearts to build relationship with our pastors and their wives.  They have been having weekly times of prayer for the past 8 months; praying for each church, pastor and their congregations!  Our pastors work in very isolated areas and I love how this team reaches out to love on them, encourage them, challenge and teach them.  It may have only been a one-day event; but it had huge impact on everyone!  This team already has dates for their next 2 trips; an annual retreat in January 2025 do a 3-day event and another mini-retreat in June 2025.  The team attended 2 of our churches and visited two of our sponsored schools; where they had a great outreach.  They shared a time of teaching, doing a craft, handing out some goodies and then providing each child with a food bag to take home to their family!  The children were blessed and the team was impacted by the experience!

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