Juana Guzman is 57 years old and is raising 3 grandchildren.  She washes clothes for people as a way to support her family and earns about $30 a month.  Her house was in poor condition and the church reached out to assist her.  Her comments “I am so grateful to have receive this assistance that I was unable to provide for myself.  May God bless all that were a part of it.”


Jesus Ramirez is 33 years old, married, and has three children.  This family was living in a place of high risk for landslides and we took them into account for that reason.  Jesus works doing agricultural work and earns about $30 a month to support his family.  The church helped him to build in a safer place for his family to live.  His comments “This was truly a blessing to my family.  May God bless you for all that you do to reach out to those in need.”


Maria Garcia is 60 years old and has been a widow for 5 years.  She does field work to support herself, earning about $30 a month.  Her house was in very poor condition and she was unable to improve that on her own.  Her comments “I want to thank everyone who had a part in making this possible.  May God pour out His blessings upon you for all that you do.”

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