Agua Zarca

Rutilia Suchite is 63 years old and married.  She sells vegetables in the market and her husband does agricultural field work.  They earn about $70 a month with their combined incomes to support themselves.  Their house was in very poor condition and the church chose to reach out to assist them.  Her comments “I am so grateful to Servant Ministries for assisting us in this way.  May God bless you richly and continue to provide for you to reach out to others.”


Rigoberto Vasquez is 37 years old, married, with two small children.  This was a special case that we took on because the family was living in a high risk zone for washouts and should not be living there.  Rigoberto earns about $35 a month doing field work.  They had another piece of property that was far away from this high risk zone but did not have the capability to rebuild.  The church in Marimba was eager to assist them.  His comments “We are so thankful to Sister Nancy for helping us.  We were afraid to go to sleep at night when it was raining; for fear that the house would collapse on us due to where it was situated.  We can now feel safe, with our family, and have a better place to live.  May God bless your efforts to reach out and assist people who are in the same circumstances that I was in; you are making a difference for so many!”


Onoria Jeronimo is 67 years old and has been a widow for a number of years.  The house she lived in was in very poor condition and the church selected her as a candidate for a project.  Onoria earns about $30 a month doing field work and certainly did not have the ability to change her living conditions.  Her comments “I am so happy with my new roof.  I feel so much safer now and am grateful for what the church did for me.  May God bless everyone who was involved and continue to bless your outreaches in the future.”

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