Rogers’ Family Foundation January Update


For the third consecutive year, we have received a year end donation through a family’s foundation funding. Again, I was to express how grateful we are for this and say what a wonderful way for a family to work together in their charitable giving. We will be giving a monthly report on what is done through this funding.

1. Samaritan Project – Better housing was provided for 2 families. 

  a. Saturnina Carranza is 60 years old and lives in the village of Marimba. She is married and both she and her husband do agricultural field work and earns a monthly average of $50. They did not have the finances to improve the condition of their house or buy the tin to have a better place to live. Her comments “I am so happy to have received this help from Servant Ministries. We now have a good place to live. Thank you for helping people who are unable to buy better building materials to have a safe place to live. May God bless you for all that you are doing to reach out to the truly needy.” 

  b. Rosa Mendez Garcia is 60 years old, lives in the village of Dos Quebradas and is married. She sells vegetables in the market and makes an average of about $30 a month to support them. Their children are raised and gone from their home. Her comments “We are very grateful for the help that we received; to allow us to have a better place to live. May God bless you for this beautiful work that you are doing to help the poor.”

2. Embrace Sponsorship – The sponsorship of two children, to cover them for 2023 has been secured. This gives approximately 40-50 lbs. of food monthly, vitamins, parasite treats, free medical/dental assistance, involvement with extra projects, special giving for birthdays and Christmas, health talks, spiritual care and much more.

3. Water filters – We purchased 70 water filters to distribute to some of our Embrace families. A lot of the chronic sicknesses that adult and children alike experience are due to drinking bad water. Having a water filter changes that and is truly a huge benefit to any family. 

4. For the fourth year in a row, we will be offering our families that have come into the Embrace program in the last year, the opportunity to receive some egg laying chickens. We have enlisted the help of someone that has egg incubators to start the process of hatching us a dozen chickens for 38 different families; 456 chickens in total. These will be handed out sometime in February.

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