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Rental Apartment


Long/Short Term Rental Available

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime???? Come spend some time in Guatemala and get some hands-on involvement with all that the ministry is doing!! We have our housing apartment ready for use.

Laundry facilities can be used at the ministry center for minimal fees.

Cell phones can be bought very economically and the prepaid cards for calling the US or making local calls is very affordable.

Internet service can be made available by going to a local internet café in town.

Cleaning services for the apartment are included in your rent and will provide a 2 hour cleaning twice a week.

A $200 deposit fee is necessary to make your reservation. This will be held as a deposit that will be returned at the end of your visit in full, providing you leave the apartment in the same condition that it was upon your arrival. The first month payment is due one month prior to arrival. If you are staying multiple months, you can make the payments up front or have it set up to have the additional payment(s) arrive at the US Michigan office prior to the beginning of each month. Payments are made through the US office at: (make the check payable to Servant Ministries with “long term apartment rent” on the memo line.)

Servant Ministries
P.O. Box 596073
Fort Gratiot, MI 48059-6073

You can find more detailed information on the apartment HERE.

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