Concrete Roof:

The concrete roof was poured that used to be our palm roof where teams eat their meals.  This was a big project and took us over two months of work to be ready to do the concrete pour.  The structure had to be basically rebuilt in order to support the weight of what will be a two story structure in the future.  We are now allowing the concrete to cure, for about 3 weeks, before removing the forms.  Work continues to build a ramp that will take you up to what will be the second story.  This project, when completed; will give us a second “space” for teams to enjoy as their dining room and to free up the main level space for on-going activities of the ministry.


We are painting the ministry center and giving it a fresh look.  It is coming along well but due to the timeframe and need to be preparing for Christmas too, we brought in a little extra outside help.  Most of the walls and trim have been finished but we still have a bit to do and need to get all of the doors painted.


We have begun to get the ministry center ready for Christmas; which is always a huge project.  The 33-foot tree has been raised and trimmed out and lights have been hung from roof.  We will continue to put up the rest of the decorations and there are always a few “new things” that we add each year.  We have our Night of Lights activity scheduled for December 11 this year; when we will open up the ministry center for the public to come in and enjoy all of the holiday festivities that we include.  Last year we had a record breaking attendance of right around 1100 people!!!  We will begin to light up everything nightly on November 20.

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