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Food Distribution for the Pastors

 This is the time of the year that the people begin to struggle to have enough food in Guatemala. The corn from last year's harvest is gone and people are having to buy it. And the problem is that prices have doubled since last year so it is a real struggle. It is not quite time to plant yet; the people are waiting for the rains to begin. And then they have to wait for the growing time; and that is the time most difficult for the people. I always am concerned for my pastors; as the churches are affected, it definitely reduces what the pastors receive. Before I left Guatemala I bought corn and beans to take to each of the pastors. The pastors in the mountains are receiving 200 lbs. of corn and 100 lbs. of beans; their main staples! The two town pastors are receiving a gift certificate that they can use at the local grocery store; to do their own selection! Prices continue to go up and so I am doing this a little earlier than usual this year but I know that it will be a timely blessing for them!!!!


Hurricane Relief Work

We have been slammed by one storm after another and unfortunately have had considerable damage done in our immediate area. Eta brought a lot of flooding and shelters were set up to evacuate people living near the river. Food donations seemed to come in pretty good so we focused on other areas that the shelters told us that they were lacking. We provided towels, blankets and hygiene kits to every person. We also gave out disinfectant, garbage bags, mops etc. Iota brought much more destruction; taking out major bridges and cutting off many communities from being able to come into town to do buying etc. and leaving some stranded in town and unable to get back home. These bridges are going to take months to rebuild and we don’t know the long-term affect that it will have on these communities that are now stranded. Two of our churches are now inaccessible to us! This will also affect some of our Embrace families! The ministry has reached out to the shelters in both Jocotan and Camotan and we will continue to do what we can to reach out to the people who cannot return to their homes…for who knows how long! If you want to assist with this outreach; please send a financial gift to the Michigan office (Servant Ministries PO Box 596073 Fort Gratiot, MI 48059) and mark “Hurricane Relief Work” in the memo.



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