We assisted 22 “little ones” this month.  We signed up three new babies; two of which that were in the full red (malnourished level) color on the nutritional chart.  The mothers bring their babies every month to have them weighed and monitored to see how they are improving.  Having milk available for these babies gives the life giving nourishment that is needed to put them on a road to better health.  Sending an offering and designating it for “baby formula” will allow us to continue to reach out and make a difference to these precious little ones.  We also purchased two sacks of full cream powdered milk this month to assist toddlers that are in need of more nutritional assistance to bring them to a healthy weight.  This is yet another way that we reach out to assist those who are not yet able to come into the Embrace program.  Together, we can make a difference to these children!

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