It is time to do fundraising for our next distribution of our School Sponsorship Project for 2025.  Our goal will be to provide basic school supply packs to 11,000 children.  In 2024 we covered 75 schools, plus covering our Embrace children who are in school; reaching almost 10,000 children.  We usually see an annual increase of about 10%, so are targeting the goal of 11,000 for 2025.  We are in the process of reaching out to people who sponsored a school(s) last year; to see if they would like to continue with their sponsorship.  We will then reach out to others to try to fill in sponsorship for other schools that are in need of sponsor to cover their school pack expense.  For $6.50 per child; you can provide a child with the basic school supplies that they need to get through their entire school year.  You can’t get much more “bang for your buck”; than to know that you have given a child a chance to receive an education and to give them hope for a better tomorrow.  We have families, individuals and churches who become involved to see us be able to reach out in this area.  Sponsoring a school, helping to collect colored pencils (12 count boxes), collecting crayons (24 count boxes), packing boxes & shipping boxes from the US, packing the bags in Guatemala, and distributing the bags to the schools are some of the ways that you can become involved.  Let us know what you are interested in doing; by communicating with me at  Together, we are impacting the next generation!

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