Canton, MI

February 23 – March 4, 2023

We had a team of 15 people come from Michigan.  Their primary outreach was the School Sponsorship Project and the distribution of 1000s of school supply packs in the mountain schools.  It was their first time to do this outreach and for many, it gave the full picture of this outreach since they have been involved in the collection of supplies and the filling of the school packs in the past.  The one-on-one with the children and getting the opportunity to put each school packs in their hands is very special!  The team also took on a construction project in one of our churches in the village of Tular.  They sponsored the project to put a new roof on the church and also painted the church inside and out, plus painting the pastor’s house as well.  They helped the Embrace program by weighing beans and milk, filling vitamin bags and making plumpy nut.  They attended church in Camotan, did hospital visitation and had the Adopt-a-Child activity.  Friendship Church has been actively bringing teams for about 7 years now and already have two on the 2024 calendar!

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