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Construction Projects


We painted my apartment, where I used to live. It has been freshened up and is looking really good. I did a lot of on-line shopping for all of our apartments and will be receiving towels, rugs, curtains, curtain rods, tablecloths etc. in future boxes that are shipped from the US. We are getting everything ready for when we start housing teams again! We also had a window shop come in and replace any broken window slats and screens that needed to be replaced around the ministry center and also in all of the other apartments and the clinic.


Working on the House Where Pastor Marcos's Family Had Lived

We are almost completely done with the work that was needed; we are on the final finishing touches! The house has been painted both inside and out, all lighting fixtures replaced, door knobs replaced, a new kitchen sink installed, replacement of any broken glass or screens on the windows, a very thorough cleaning, work done on the outside fence and some maintenance issues dealt with. We will be trying to either rent or sell this house in the near future!

Apartment #4 (Above Where Chalo Lives)


We are thinking about using Jeanne and Bill’s apartment for something else, in the future, and will give you more info on that as it materializes.  If so, then we will take all of the furniture, appliances etc. from that apartment and use it in this apartment above where Chalo’s family lives.  The outside of the house and doors were painted last year.  Now we are starting to paint the inside of the rooms.  This will be another furnished apartment for people to rent, for either short-term or long-term visits.  We have had a number of people come down and really enjoy extending their stay after a 10-day team trip; some staying for 2-3 months.  It is a nice option to get away, especially during the cold weather in the US, and come down and get involved in what is going on down here.  Let us know if you are interested in setting up a longer-term visit; or just want the extra comforts during a 10-day trip for an additional fee.  


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