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Bible Institute 2022

Servants of the Master Bible Institute

Classes are in session for our 2022 calendar year. We graduated out 3 students who completed their third year of study in November 2021. This leaves us with just one third year student for this year, Ramiro Gutierrez. Ramiro is the son of one of our pastors and lives in the village of Agua Zarca where his dad pastors. He preaches once a week in his home congregation and also is invited occasionally to share in other Servant Ministries churches. We are going to change the format a little bit this year. Taking into account that the third year is the final year of study at the Institute; we would like to add more of a “practical service” aspect. In place of one of his classes for the second semester this year; Ramiro will live for a month each with two of our other serving pastors. We feel that the mentoring aspect and seeing how day-to-day life in what a pastor deals with will be extremely helpful to Ramiro.


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