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Short-Term Teams

Pastors' Retreat 2019 - June 27 - July 4, 2019

A group of 4 people came for the main purpose of reaching out and ministering to our pastors. They visited a number of our churches and shared in a service to the congregations. For 3 days we took all of our pastors and their wives, away to a hotel, and had a marvelous time. I try to do this every year. These pastors are so committed to what they do and they get so little monetary recompensation for their faithfulness. I truly admire them and count them as some of my heros in the faith. They may never have thier own radio or television broadcast but the Heavenly Father takes notes of all that they do. I think that this year's retreat was the best that we have had. Two speakers, Linus Vaughn and Mike Ritzman, from Tennessee, came to be the retreat speakers. Two ladies, Renee Clayton and Betty Caban, came to support and be true intercessors over all that was happening. This was the fourth time that Linus has come to reach out to our pastors and each time I see how much more open our pastors are to open up to them and share with them, ask for personal ministry and soak up the teachings. God moved in a marvelous way and really impacted the participants. I continue to get postitve feedback on how this retreat ministered to them. It is one of the deep desires of my heart, to build up these servants of the Lord. If you would like to help support this type of outreach, please let me know. We are already looking ahead to 2020 to hold out next one.

Send us your story...

Have you been on a short term trip to Guatemala in the last year or so?????? Write us and tell us how it impacted your life and how you enjoyed it! We would like to start a new area that shares these “testimonies” with others in the hopes of motivating them to come on a team. You first timers can identify with the fact that you just “don’t know what you are getting into” and there are always a lot of questions. You can also share how it really turned out and what kind of an experience it was for you. I know that these short term trips can absolutely change people’s lives! Will you help us to encourage others to take the step to have this experience????? Send your testimony to and let others be blessed through your experience!


Are you interested in bringing a team down in 2020 or 2021? The below chart shows the team(s) already scheduled and dates that are still available. If you are interested in bringing a team to fill one of the available time periods contact us.

Nov 10-14, 2019 Camotan Clinic Dr. Joel Strohecker Medical consultations
Nov 14-23, 2019 Canton, MI Cindy Fader/Friendship Church VBS and misc. activities
Dec 15-19, 2019 Camotan Clinic Dr. Joel Strohecker Medical consultations
Jan 2-11, 2020 Tennessee CERT/Bruce Rainwater Medical Team
Jan 12-17, 2020 Camotan Clinic Dr. Joel Strohecker Medical consultations
Jan 22-Feb 1, 2020 Crossville, TN  Ed Camera Medical Team
Feb 6-15, 2020 Michigan Kim Slowinski SSP Team
Feb 27-Mar 7, 2020 Georgia/Michigan Dan Thaxton Construction of Pastor's House in Camotan
Mar 25-31, 2020   Nancy Young/Nancy Sheldon Women's Conference (in Cuba)
Jun 11-20, 2020 AVAILABLE    
Jun 25-Jul4, 2020 AVAILABLE    
Jul 9-18, 2020 Canton, MI Friendship Church Youth team/Misc. activities
Oct 17-24, 2020   Galcom Radios/ Tom Blackstone Handing out solar radios and experiencing Mayan culture
Nov 5-12, 2020   Linus Vaughn Pastors' Retreat and Church seminars
Nov 19-28, 2020 AVAILABLE   VBS
Jan 6-16, 2021 Chattanooga, TN Jon and Kristina Manley Medical clinics
Jan 20-30, 2021 Crossville, TN   Medical clinics
Feb 11-20, 2021 Hillsdale, MI Chasity Pietrzak/House of Refuge Church SSP Team
Feb 25 - Mar 6, 2021   Kim Slowinski Women's Conference and Misc. Activities
Mar 18-27, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Jun 17-26, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Jul 8-17, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Oct 28-Nov 6, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Nov 11-20, 2021 AVAILABLE   Annual town VBS and misc. activities
Dec 2-11, 2021 AVAILABLE    

I have been communicating with a few more groups that haven't set their dates yet, but want to encourage you to get your time slot set aside. These short term trips can impact their participants in a dramatic way. Take advantage of exposing your people to an opportunity to "experience missions"!

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