Short-Term Teams

Emily and Carol

We don’t have any “teams” with us now per se. But we do have two individual long-term visitors. Emily Petersen came down for her second trip, along with a team in October. The rest of the team left after 10 days but Emily stayed. Emily did a 6 week stay last year and will be extending that to even longer this time. Emily was desirous of doing this “internship” to learn more about the day to day operations and outreaches of the ministry. She is taking a couple of hours a day for language study with someone from town. Emily is participating with the worship team from our Camotan church and jumping in where ever there is need.

Our other current visitor is Carol Green. Carol was actually the team leader for the short-term missions trip that I took with my children, back in 1988. We have had some communication and visits over the years since then. Carol recently retired from teaching school and her heart is to get back into missions. Carol had worked with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) many years ago and has always had missions in her heart. Since retiring this past school year, she has been doing a lot of traveling; to visit family that she hadn’t seen in a while and to check out different ministries that she is considering as potential places where she can serve. Servant Ministries is one of these places. Carol has a real heart for children and I could definitely see her working with the Embrace program. She has a good handle on Spanish and would be ready to jump in and get involved. I believe that she could also bring some much-needed assistance with the incoming mission teams that come. Carol plans to be here until after the team that comes in February to hand out the school supply packs.

Please be in prayer for both Emily and Carol as they are here to serve. Pray that the Lord will make clear to them what the “next steps” are in serving in missions.


VBS Team From Michigan/Texas - November 15-24, 2018

We had a team of 21 people come from Michigan and Texas to help host our annual town VBS. We wound up registering 320 children into the 3-day event and the results were amazing. 180 children made a decision to invite Jesus into their hearts! The children enjoyed 3 days of fun and activities and the team did a great job in helping it to flow well. The team also worked on the school supply packs that will be distributed through our School Sponsorship Project in early February. We are planning to hand out approximately 7000 packs for this next distribution. The team in October completed 3000 packs and this team managed to do a little more than 3000 packs. We are down to a little more than 900 to complete for our projections for this next distribution. They went to the government hospital to hand out things and do personal ministry. They had an Adopt-a-Child activity and that impacted them a lot. We will be getting a few new sponsors and a lot of them did a home visit and were really touched emotionally to see the reality of how the people live and yet experience their gracious hospitality to be welcomed into their humble dwellings. It is a real eye opener that can be life changing.

It was a very productive team. We had a first-time situation of having 3 generations of the same family here. These teams are for people of all ages and it is good to see how those that come with a heart to serve can be effective to reach out and make a difference! I think we will be seeing a lot of the first-timers that were part of this team come back in the future. I love watching how these short- term teams truly impact the participants lives and how they go back home with very full hearts!

Team Pictures

Send us your story...

Have you been on a short term trip to Guatemala in the last year or so?????? Write us and tell us how it impacted your life and how you enjoyed it! We would like to start a new area that shares these “testimonies” with others in the hopes of motivating them to come on a team. You first timers can identify with the fact that you just “don’t know what you are getting into” and there are always a lot of questions. You can also share how it really turned out and what kind of an experience it was for you. I know that these short term trips can absolutely change people’s lives! Will you help us to encourage others to take the step to have this experience????? Send your testimony to and let others be blessed through your experience!



Are you interested in bringing a team down in 2018, 2019 or 2020? The below chart shows the team(s) already scheduled and dates that are still available. If you are interested in bringing a team to fill one of the available time periods contact us.

Jan 3-12, 2019 Chattanooga, TN Jon & Kristina Manley Medical
Jan 17-26, 2019 Crossville, TN Ed Camera Medical
Feb 7-16, 2019 Brown City, MI Omard United Methodist Church/Becky Lonnborg SSP annual school pack distribution
Mar 14-23, 2019 Monroe, GA Lighthouse World Outreach Center Church construction
Jun 6-15, 2019 AVAILABLE    
Jun 20-29, 2019 AVAILABLE    
Jul 11-20, 2019 AVAILABLE    
Oct 17-26, 2019 AVAILABLE    
Oct 31-Nov 9, 2019 AVAILABLE    
Nov 15-24, 2019 AVAILABLE   VBS and misc. activities
Jan 2-11, 2020 AVAILABLE    
Jan 15-25, 2020 AVAILABLE   Medical Team
Feb 6-20. 2020 AVAILABLE   SSP Team
Feb 20-29, 2020 AVAILABLE    
Mar 12-21, 2020 AVAILABLE    

I have been communicating with a few more groups that haven't set their dates yet, but want to encourage you to get your time slot set aside. These short term trips can impact their participants in a dramatic way. Take advantage of exposing your people to an opportunity to "experience missions"!

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