Samaritan Project

Samaritan Project Update for Marimba

This outreach continues to bless so many people and does such a heart work in the churches as they reach out to those in need in their communities. It is a true show of God’s love to those in need and we have seen so much fruit come back, as a result of it. I am so happy that our churches are learning the importance of reaching out to bless others!

Rosa Avalos is 46 years old with one 10-year old son that she is raising alone. Her husband abandoned her for another woman 5 years ago. Rosa works in agriculture and even cutting coffee when it is in season. She earns about $70 a month to support her family. She has been living with a sister as she did not have a place of her own. Her comment “I give thanks to God and to Servant Ministries for doing this for me. May God bless and prosper all that you do to help those in need.”
Marta Recinos Avalos is 51 years old and raising 3 children on her own. She has been a widow for a number of years. Marta will work in the fields when there is work available and usually earns about $25 a month. Her home was in very poor condition and she was selected to do a project under the Samaritan Project. With tears in her eyes, she commented “I feel happy and blessed. My dream of having a tin roof for my home has become a reality. Thank you, Servant Ministries, for your unconditional love.”

Samaritan Project Update for Agua Zarca

Juan Ramirez Gutierrez is 62 years old and married. Their children are grown. Their house was in very poor condition and they asked if they might be considered as a candidate for the Samaritan Project. Pastor Oto, from our Servant Ministries church in Agua Zarca approved the couple as being good candidates for this outreach. Juan cuts and sells firewood to support them and earns about $25 a monthly. His comment “I am so happy to have a tin roof now for my house. May God bless everyone who has made this help possible.”
Pilar Ramirez Gutierrez is 67 years old and married. They don’t have any children that they are still raising. Pilar washes clothes for others and earns about $30-35 a month. Her husband cuts and sells firewood and earns about $25 per month. Her comment “Thank you for including us under this project. May God bless Sister Nancy from Servant Ministries for her help to the poor people in this area.”


Below is a table that shows how many people have been helped through this Samaritan Project through our Servant Ministries churches partnering and working together to impact people in their communities; showing the love of God in a tangible and practical way!




Month # of Candidates Place Overseeing Church Candidates
January 2017 2 Marimba Marimba Mariana Huales
  Marimba Marimba Maria Juana Interiano
February 2017 1 Marimba Marimba Maria Romelia Garcia
March 2017 2 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Ocilia Garcia
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Maria Delfina Gomez Perez
3 Marimba Marimba Maria Concepcion Amador
  Marimba Marimba Catalina Gutierrez Garcia
  Marimba Marimba Maria Elvia Hernandez Esquivel
April 2017 2 Marimba Marimba Benito Mendoza
  Marimba Marimba Rosalba Interiano
4 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Feliciana Escalante
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Gabriel Ramos
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Angela Garcia
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Beltran Esquivel Gutierrez
1 Tular Tular Tular Church
May 2017 6 Marimba Marimba Cleotide Espino
  Marimba Marimba Blanca Martinez Jeronimo
  Marimba Marimba Victoria Ramirez Garcia
  Marimba Marimba Maria Gregoria Raymundo
  Marimba Marimba Jacinta Diaz
  Marimba Marimba Maria Interiano Interiano
3 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Jeronimo Guterrez
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Simion Vasquez
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Elida de Rosa Gutirrez
June 2017 4 Marimba Marimba Alejandra Gutierrez
  Marimba Marimba Maria Arias
  Marimba Marimba Maria Recinos
  Marimba Marimba Audelia Mendoza
2 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Tomas Gutierrez
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Teodula Perez
July 2017 4 Marimba Marimba Ignasia Esquivel
  Marimba Marimba Aparicia Diaz
  Marimba Marimba Lauriana Erazo
  Marimba Marimba Jacinta Diaz Raymundo
3 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Carlos Gutierrez Amador
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Xiomara Vasquez Ramirez
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Bernadina Ramirez Ramirez
August 2017 6 Marimba Marimba Andres Garcia Ramirez
  Marimba Marimba Luisa Recinos
  Marimba Marimba Irineo Vasquez Arias
  Marimba Marimba Jesus Vasquez Carranza
  Marimba Marimba Maria Huales Perez
  Marimba Marimba Santos Carranza
2 Dos Quebradas Dos Quebradas Olivia Interiano
  Dos Quebradas Dos Quebradas Santos Isabel Ramirez
1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Gumercindo
September 2017 2 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Juan Ramirez Gutierrez
  Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Pilar Ramirez Gutierrez
2 Marimba Marimba Rosa Avalos
  Marimba Marimba Marta Recinos Avalos
2017 PROJECTS 50
2013-2016 PROJECTS 147



Month # of Candidates Place Overseeing Church Candidates
January 2016 3 Marimba Marimba Alberta Mendoza
  Marimba Marimba Maria Lopez
  Marimba Marimba Maria Ramirez
  1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Norman and Sandy Gutierrez
  1 La Puente La Puente Felix Vasquez Escalante
February 2016 6 Marimba Marimba Cupertino Garcia
        Joselyn Flores
        Benancia Garcia
        Florencia Garcia
        Bemalda Lopez
        Felipe Garcia
  1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Gladys Gutierrez
March 2016 5 Marimba Marimba Magarita Perez
      Floridalma Gonzales
      Santa Mendez Garcia
        Patrocinia Garcia
        Isabel Diaz
April 2016 3 Marimba Marimba Mariana Carranza
        Rosaura Carranza
        Cristina Sanchez
July 2016 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Manuela de Jesus Munesh
August 2016 2 Marimba Marimba Maria Ramirez
        Florentina Ramirez
  1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Encarnacion Garcia
September 2016 4 Marimba Marimba Maribel Arias
        Maria Carranza
        Floridalma Gonzalez
        Victoria Mendoza
  2 Agua Zarca Aqua Zarca Evarista Vasquez
        Adrian & Nora Matias
November 2016 3 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Carlos Gutierrez Vasquez
        Adelfo Lopez Mendez
        Adrian Ovidio Vasquez
  2 Marimba Marimba Angel Carranza
        Mariana Carranza Huales
December 2016 4 Marimba Marimba Maria Hernandez Esquivel
        Aurelia Mendoz Recinos
        Adriana Ramirez Diaz
        Maria Garcia Mendez
  2 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Herlinda Perez Matias
        Fidela Gutierrez Ramos
2016 PROJECTS 41



Month # of Candidates Place Overseeing Church Candidates
January, 2015 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria Gonzalez
Ocumbla Ocumbla Jacinta Diaz
February, 2015 6 Ocumbla Ocumbla Guillermina Morales
Porfilia Garcia
Petrona Hernandez
Pedro Ramirez
Maria Insuncion
Gabriela Angelica Lopez
March, 2015 5 Ocumbla Ocumbla Amalia Ramirez
Selestina Diaz
Yolanda Garcia
Luisa Cente
Guadalupe Garcia
April, 2015 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Francisca Garcia
Maria Jacinta Diaz
1 Jocotan Jocotan Lucrecia Garcia Mesa
May 2015 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Bernaldina Garcia
      Maria Garcia Ramirez
      Elvira Diaz
June 2015 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria Perez
      Maria Garcia
      Marta Garcia
July 2015 5 Ocumbla Ocumbla Marta Garcia
      Gregoria Diaz Ramirez
      Gabriele Lopez
      Manuela Lopez Suchite
      Teodoro Garcia
August 2015 5 Ocumbla Ocumbla Mercedes Ramirez
      Martina Ayala
      Rosalia Diaz
      Rosa Vasquez
      Jesus Ruano
September 2015 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Urbana Lopez
      Ricarda Cente
      Juan Diaz
October 2015 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Juana Ramirez
      Leocada Garcia
      Alejandra Ramirez
2 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Efraim Mendez
      Augusto Gutierrez
November 2015 6 Ocumbla Ocumbla Matilda Perez
      Maria Vasquez
      Florinda Castaneda
      Angela Rodriquez
      Maria Ramirez
      Lidia Mendoza
3 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Nidia Gutierrez
      Manuela Gutierrez
      Maira Gutierrez
December 2015 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Candida Vasquez
      Marteni Rodria
      Delmi Ruiz
1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Carlos Gonzales
2015 PROJECTS 53



Month # of Candidates Place Overseeing Church Candidates
January, 2014 7 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria del Transito Hernandez
Margarita Diaz Garcia
Sofia Hernandez
Maria Martina Garcia
Rosa Elena
Guillermina Morales
Porfilia Garcia
March, 2014 1 Jocotan Lucila Garcia
March, 2014 1 La Arada Ministry Center Roof for the school of la Arada
April, 2014 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Benancia Ramirez
June, 2014 Estefana Diaz
Hignacia Garcia
June, 2014 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Galera para niños de escuela dominical
July, 2014 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Laureano Lopez
July, 2014 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Martiro Perez
July, 2014 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Telma Morales
Carlota Martinez
Jeorgina Madrid
August, 2014 1 Ocumbla Ocumbla Galera para niños de Escuela dominical
August, 2014 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Julia Hernandez
Nicolasa Hernandez
Izabel Morales
August, 2014 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Brenda Mariela Suchite
August, 2014 1 Agua Zarca Agua Zarca Jose Armando Gutierrez
August, 2014 1 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria Fidelia Ventura
August, 2014 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Lucia Ramirez Ramos
Maria Martina Diaz
Rosa Elena Ramirez
September, 2014 1 Quebrada Seca Jocotan Filomena Garcia
September,2014 1 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria Marciana Garcia
September, 2014 3 Ocumbla Ocumbla Maria del Carmen Huales
Lucia Perez Ventura
Cecilia Diaz Hernandez
October, 2014 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Juana Perez
Cleotilde Ramos
November,2014 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Carmen Morales
Patricia Ramirez
November, 2014 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Jacinta Diaz
Maria Leticia Gonzalez
December, 2014 2 Jocotan Jocotan Francisco Mendez
  Aura Elizabeth
December, 2014 2 Ocumbla Ocumbla Patricia Ramirez
2014 PROJECTS 43



Month # of Candidates Place Overseeing Church Candidates
April, 2013 1 Quebrada Seca Jocotan Guillermina Gutierrez
1 Pacren Jocotan Rosario Vasquez
May, 2013 1 Ocumbla Ocumbla Francisca Antonia Morales
October, 2013 1 Ocumbla Ocumbla Cresencia Jeronimo Diaz
1 Quebrada Seca Jocotan Aracely Magaly Gutierrez
1 Pajco Ministry Center Wendy
November, 2013 4 Ocumbla Ocumbla Juana Garcia
Adela Perez
Julia Diaz
Cleotilde Ramirez
2013 PROJECTS 10

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