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Food Distribution

Due to secondary effects of the COVID lockdowns and restrictions to be able to use public transportation to find work; the ministry saw the need to reach out in distributing food. This was compounded by the fact that this is always the “difficult time” of year for people who live in the mountains. The rainy season started a little earlier than usual this year and the corn was planted; but the months of waiting until harvest are always hard. Most families have depleted last year’s harvest and are having to buy the staple of corn which at least gives their families tortillas to eat. Since the lockdown restrictions greatly affected people’s abilities to move about freely, it caused hunger in many areas. Thanks to people who responded to the need, Servant Ministries was able to distribute almost 30,000 lbs. of food amongst 2675 families! We also used these outreaches to weigh and evaluate children for potential Embrace candidates (our children’s sponsorship program) and found a number of children to register! Most people will be harvesting their corn by the end of August. Those that had money to purchase fertilizer will reap a pretty good harvest but those who did not have the money to buy fertilizer will get very little! It is a hand-to-mouth existence for so many that live in these rural areas. We used all of the special offerings that came in to assist with our food distribution and the ministry still spent another $2600 beyond that but we are so happy to have been able to provide this expression of love to the people in their time of need.


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