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Construction Projects


We are working on some of the last touches to the house in Camotan after the team’s efforts, that included installing the drop ceiling, lots of painting, hanging doors and some electrical work. We are working on finishing up some of the electrical fixtures that need to be installed. We are also working on a solution to give the family enough water. We are building a cement platform out in the area of the children’s playground behind the church. We can set a plastic water tank on it and feed the water, by gravity, to both the house and to the church. This will help in both areas to assure that they have enough water. If water does run short, hauling water in a pickup and feeding it over into this new tank will be much easier than into the small tank that is currently inside of the church. The pastor needs to make the front door for the house but we hope that the family will be able to move into the house very soon.


We got some new playground accessories for the kids’ play area.  We stained the swing set, put new palm on a roof area and brought in 6 loads of sand to add to it.  We also bought some treated wood to surround it on top of one course of cement blocks, as the old wood was totally rotten.  The kids are enjoying the new swings and glider.

We have also been working on converting what had been the parrot cage into a storeroom.  There is always a need for storage.  Our workers have finished what they can and we are just waiting to install the window and door; so that we can begin to put it into use.  We also cut an opening for a window in the Embrace storeroom that we had built next to this new one.  It was very warm in there and having some more ventilation will be better for food storage.  We also added new tin on the roof for the Embrace storage area too.


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