Construction Projects

Makeover to the Ministry Center

We continue to do lots of painting around the ministry center. It is a big job; but things are looking nice. We have sanded and given a new coat of varnish to all of the bunkbeds and shelves in the team dorms and bathrooms. We have also put up a new ministry sign on the highway which was a big undertaking. For years, we have used vinyl signs; but they fade after a few years and need to be replaced, over and over, again. We decided to go in another direction and have installed heavy gauged metal signs which required strengthening the frame work to support it. A local metal shop did the prep work of making the sign and some local painters did the actual painting of the signs. It was a costly venture; but we hope that it will stay looking nice for many years.


Construction on the Camotan Church

All three outside walls of the church have been plastered. Paint has been bought and will be done a little at a time. A sidewalk on the street side will give further protection of not having the moisture from rain or the surrounding dirt come into the inside walls of the church. The property line on the other side of the church that adjoins the next lot has been marked out and the foundation is being dug to begin work on a security wall. We have most of the funds needed to do this one side of a security wall; that will also serve as a wall for a future pastor’s house. This gives us a jump on future construction for a house and once this wall is completed we can install a gate that will close off the church property and give better protection.

Recent Construction

We added a door from the street that will enter into one of our Bible School classrooms. We have not had any students for a few years and we are in need of more storage place. This will be a place where we can store the school supplies for our School Sponsorship Project and there is also an open outdoor area from the other side of this room where teams can work to fill our school packs. It puts something that was not being used into use for a growing need that we have had. For those of you who have been here, this will be the area above where Abner and his family live.