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Construction Projects


We continue to try to get more projects done around all the ministry properties. We completed painting the roof on the house where Chalo and his family live. The exterior painting has been completed for the second floor and we are now starting on the first level…where the family is living. I will buy the paint for the interior of their rooms and the family has told me that they will see that the painting gets done inside.

I am preparing a third area as another option for a space for people who want to stay a little longer or have some nicer accommodations while they are here with a team. We are working on the house where my worker, Edin, had lived for the past 8 years. The painting has been done and ceiling fans installed in every room. We are working on the bathroom now; adding tile to the shower and part way up the wall for the rest of the bathroom. We will be adding a new vanity/sink and a new toilet. We will also be putting in new flooring for the entire house. It is an investment of funds now, but I think it will provide another living space for those who would like to be a little more comfortable.


Church in Tunuco

The last touch was put on the church in Tunuco. The doors and windows were installed.

Pastor Armando finished painting the rest of the new church signs. All of our churches have the new signs now and look very nice. Some of the church buildings need to be painted; but at least we have fresh new signs that identify whose churches they are😊!

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