Construction Projects

Camotan Church Construction Update

The work on the Camotan church continues to really be moving forward rapidly, due to recent offerings that have been sent to help. Our dedication service is October 29 and the church is planning a full day of celebration to celebrate the almost completion of this project. The inside should be just about 100% complete for the dedication. In the past month, here are some updates on areas they have been working on:

1. The mason has finished the concrete and ceramic part of the kitchen cupboards. Another company will be installing the wood fronts/doors in the upcoming couple of weeks.

2. The pastor’s office has been completed, painted and furnished with a desk, chair and seating for people the pastor may be attending.

3. The sign has been painted on the front of the church as well as the schedule of services and the scripture that we have based Servant Ministries on.

4. The flooring has been installing in the balcony area. The grouting still needs to be put in.

5. Pastor Marcos has finished the window security bars that were missing. Now that the front of the church is completed, he can install the railing for the balcony on the front and will be doing some higher iron gates around the front for more security/protection.

6. Edin (one of my maintenance workers) has been doing the painting. He had a week of vacation in September and got a good push on it during that time. He will continue to work on it after his normal work hours and on weekends.

7. When the inside work is done, they will begin to do some prep work for an outside roof covering that the team coming in October will be erecting. 

This project has been a long time in coming and still has some opposition coming against it. We are so appreciative to everyone who has helped us to get this project moving toward completion; the teams who have come to labor, the financial offerings that have been given and the prayers that have brought us to this place.

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Palm Roof at Ministry Center

We redid the peak of our palm roof. The plastic sealer had been peeking through in places and needed to be replaced with fresh "grass" put back on top. A recent storm lifted it up more and made it in need of the fix job even more so. It was done recently and we are ready to go into "rainy season" now without having any leaks:)!