Construction Projects

Tunuco Church Project

The property was purchased to move forward on plans to build a new church in the village of Tunuco. The church was responsible to prepare the land, leveling it off for the future construction. They hired a machine to come in as there was massive amounts of dirt to move. A team is scheduled to come in March 2019 to do the actual construction. We are doing fundraising now, to see if we can do the complete project or whether we will need to do it in phases. If you are interested either to participate with the March team or to assist with the cost of building this church, please communicate with me at We look forward to having a new church in the village of Tunuco.

Facelift Around the Ministry Center

We have pretty much finished the outside painting on the ministry center. We still need to do the team dorms, offices, multi-purpose room, team kitchen, laundry room etc. but we will work on that as we can. We started painting my house this month. I have lived there for two years now and have really been looking forward to finally seeing it get painted. God blessed me in amazing ways, to provide for the building of this house, outside of ministry funding and it is where I plan to live out the time that the Lord gives me.


Marimba Church Construction

A team came in October to participate in the enlarging of the Marimba church; making it 50% larger. The congregation has outgrown their building and at times do not have the space for the people who come. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of this team from Michigan, we were able to do this expansion project. The added space will make the church 50% larger. The foundation was put in prior to the team’s arrival. The team helped to raise up the 3 new walls, knock down the old wall that opens it up to the expansion, put the roof on. They also began the plastering outside. What is left to be done will be finished by our Guatemalan workers. The Marimba congregation is so happy with the prospect of having a larger church building to use and to grow with.