Construction Projects

Property in the Village of Tunuco

The church people have really invested into getting the property ready for construction. They brought in a machine to move a lot of dirt. I went up with a couple of my pastors, the construction foreman and one of the pastors that will be participating in this project. We talked with the church people and came to an agreement on what more needs to be done to best utilize this piece of property and the village church group will do their part to have it ready by the beginning of January. I have people in Georgia and Michigan that are putting together teams and planning to come in March 2019 to do the actual construction for a new church building in this village. We are currently fundraising to cover the cost of construction and we need another $7500 approximately. Please let us know if you are either interested in coming with this March team or would like to help cover the cost of the project.

Updates Around the Ministry Center

We continue to work on sprucing up the ministry center and taking care of maintenance projects that need to be done. We are working on a big one now in refinishing the surface on the pool. There have been pieces breaking off the floor surface of the pool for a couple of years at least. The pool company said that the plaster surface usually lasts 10 years and we have gotten 15 years out of it; so, I guess we are doing good. While in the US, I shipped new mosaic tiles to put on the water surface level for the pool. We waited until this last team left and then the water was emptied out of the pool; the first time in 15 years. My construction workers are chipping off the old plaster and then someone from the company that originally installed the pool, will come to supervise the new plastering process. The idea is to get this done during the month of December, when we usually aren’t using the pool anyway due to the temperature of the water. We plan to have it finished for starting in with our new teams that will arrive in January.


Marimba Church Construction Project

The expansion project for enlarging our building for the Marimba village congregation was completed. There was a little bit of work to be completed after our October team was here and our Guatemalan workers finished that off. The church is now raising funds to try to paint the completed building; that will really show off the whole building as it now stands. We had a little money left over from the project and we will let the church put that towards the purchase of paint. I commended the pastor on how well he did in having his members participate in the construction project and what it meant to the team to see their involvement and how it impacted them to have both cultures work side by side. This church body now has room for future growth and we rejoice with them for a larger facility to handle the people.