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Construction Projects


One of our long-term rental apartments was painted on the outside this month. They also did some maintenance inside that was needed. We continue to try to spruce up everything and keep things looking nice around the ministry properties.


We are working on the first phase of the house at the Camotan church site for Pastors Marcos and Ana. This involves getting the foundation in and the first 4 courses of block laid. This house will have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-living space for kitchen, dining/living room. Once this phase is completed, they will take a rest until I get back to Guatemala after doing my northern fundraising trip. Phase two will be started by the end of September or beginning of October.

We are trying to raise up a team to come the end of February 2020 to do the final phase of this project. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this team and we will get you connected to someone to give you details. We also need a little bit more funding; so, any donations towards this would also be appreciated.

Church in Tunuco

The last touch was put on the church in Tunuco. The doors and windows were installed.

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