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Construction Projects


We continue to work on the pastoral house for the church in Camotan. The tile work in the bathroom has been completed, as well as the tile work on the kitchen countertops and inside the kitchen cupboards. They are starting to lay the ceramic flooring in the house and we are getting final quotes on windows and doors, to get those started. We have a team that will be arriving towards the end of February that will be helping with what are hopefully the final touches for this house. We are still a little short on the necessary funding but believe that it is coming together.


Solar panels have been installed on both the ministry center building and also on my house; 12 panels on each.  We are awaiting the electric company to bring us a new meter that is set up to use the solar equipment and hoping that this will offset at least a good portion of our electrical usage.  In another way to try to reduce the amount of electricity that we use; we have disconnected all of the team shower “widow makers" ☺️”!  These heating units utilize 30 amps for each shower head and there were 5 of them.  We purchased an 80-gallon traditional hot water heater, which also uses 30 amps; but will service all 5 showers.  We have a timer on the hot water heater, that will be adjusted for each team’s size and schedules that work for them to shower.  We are also controlling the water temperature. This should save us quite a bit of cost.  We continue to encourage teams to take short “military style” showers to economize costs. 


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