Construction Projects

Purchase of Land in Tunuco

We look forward to building a new church building. This will be the tenth church that is directly under the supervision of Servant Ministries. It has been a number of years since our last “new build” and we are excited to help this newly raised up group of believers to have their own place of worship. A piece of land was found while I was in the US doing my northern fundraising trip in August. Upon my return in September, we were able to make the purchase of this land. The people from the church are cleaning off the lot and we will be making a plan of how best to utilize the land for both the future builds of a church building….and down the road a pastor’s house. Lighthouse World Outreach Center provided the funds to purchase this land and we have people from that church, and a couple of more churches in Michigan; that have expressed interest in coming in March 2019 to begin the church construction. In the meantime, we will be getting bids on what the construction will run and believe for the Lord to provide the funds to allow us to move forward. Let me know if you are interested in participating in this team or want to give toward the cost of this project.

Facelift Around the Ministry Center

We have pretty much finished the outside painting on the ministry center. We still need to do the team dorms, offices, multi-purpose room, team kitchen, laundry room etc. but we will work on that as we can. We started painting my house this month. I have lived there for two years now and have really been looking forward to finally seeing it get painted. God blessed me in amazing ways, to provide for the building of this house, outside of ministry funding and it is where I plan to live out the time that the Lord gives me.


Winding Up For the Construction in Marimba

We are doing the prep work in anticipation of a team that is coming in October to enlarge the church building in the village of Marimba. The congregation has outgrown their building and we are so happy to see the growth in this church. A team from Michigan has raised the $6500 that is needed to add on about a 40% increase to the size of the building. The church members cleared off the area that will be utilized. The foundations were marked out and the church people are digging out trenches to pour the foundation. Our construction crew will put in the foundation for the addition prior to the group’s arrival. The team will be starting their construction on October 18.