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Construction Projects


Pastor Marcos, along with some help, installed the front door (minus some glass that needs to be added) and finished up the door trim and hardware that was lacking. Chalo and Abner finished up the electrical work. The carpenter that was working on the kitchen cupboards was waiting until restrictions were lifted to allow him to come and install the cupboards. The restrictions were just lifted so hopefully we will have that work done soon. Pastor Marcos’ family actually started living in the new house since April 15; they were excited to get moved in. They don’t have any yard to speak of but with the playground from the church and the children’s classroom from the church, it has given Samuel some extra space to enjoy. Samuel attends a private school that is sending home the work assignments weekly and the families have to send videos and/or photos to the school daily to show what they are doing in this time of confinement. I saw some cute videos of Marcos and Samuel doing relay races with balloons for his physed class and doing some water games in the church playground for a “Splash Down Day”. They are enjoying their new space!



Hours were shortened for two weeks, with the curfews that were put upon us due to the Corona Virus; but we have still tried to keep things moving forward.  The storeroom for the ministry was completed; with window and door installed.  We repainted our scaffolding.  We are working on another main gate of one of the ministry’s properties; to paint it with this rhino liner treatment.  It will extend the life of both the paint and the metal gate.  The house, inside this property was painted last year and now the gate will match one of those colors.  We have begun to paint 15 doors that are for different apartments and our Bible Institute rooms.  The door knobs will also be replaced on all of these doors.  We have about half of the doors painted so far and sent the door knobs to make “master keys” of different areas, to reduce the number of keys that we have to use.


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