Construction Projects

Update on the Ministry Center Facelift

I have purchased doorknobs from the US, while here for my Northern Fundraising trip. They will be shipped down and then installed on the doors at the ministry center. I also ordered pool mosaic tile from the US and will be shipping that down to Guatemala. It is just enough tile to cover an 8” strip at the water line on the pool. The pool at the ministry center is 15 years old and has needed a resurfacing for the last 2-3 years; as pieces are lifting up off the bottom of the pool and allowing the filtration and loss of water to occur. We plan to do this project in December when it is cooler to do the work and the pool is generally not in use too much for that month anyway.

Painting continues at the ministry center; it is a huge job to get the entire place repainted; but it is really looking good.


Construction Update on the Camotan Church

We are finishing up on this last push on the construction for the Camotan church. The security wall that runs the full length of the property is up to almost full height. A good portion of this wall also will serve as a wall to a pastor’s living quarters; so, it gives us a jump on that future project. We also built a “sand play area” in the playground for the children and poured a cement pad for the full playground area. It had been sand before and the kids were tracking a lot in to their class area. The wash area for cleaning out mops etc. is also in this play area and it will be much easier for those doing the cleaning not to have to track across muddy areas when there is rain etc. We also did the ramp leading up to the roof covering that is used for our youths’ Sunday morning classes; but this area will also serve as a carport once the pastor is living on site. For right now, it also give us accessibility from the street to go into the church without having to go through any dirt/mud.

The church needs to put in 20% of all building materials, that go into the construction work and they have some catch up to bring them up to date with the last few pushes that we have done on the church. So, we will take a rest for now and allow them to get caught up and then continue with more work.

Recent Construction

We added a door from the street that will enter into one of our Bible School classrooms. We have not had any students for a few years and we are in need of more storage place. This will be a place where we can store the school supplies for our School Sponsorship Project and there is also an open outdoor area from the other side of this room where teams can work to fill our school packs. It puts something that was not being used into use for a growing need that we have had. For those of you who have been here, this will be the area above where Abner and his family live.