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Construction Projects


We continue to whittle away at all of the projects around the ministry center to make everything look nice. Work was done on Apartment #3 by painting the window bars, installing the new lighting and bathroom mirror. They also finished painting the drop ceiling in this apartment.


Construction was started on a house for Pastor Marcos and Ana in Camotan. We have the house divided up into three phases and right now we have funds in hand for the first phase. That will put in the foundation and put up the first 4 rows of block. The house will have two bedrooms, a bathroom and then an open living space for kitchen, dining and living room. I have some other financial commitments to help a bit down the road. This first phase is about five weeks of works. Then they will take a rest until I get back from my northern fundraising trip and we should be able to start phase two in October. We are trying to raise up a team to come the end of February 2020, to hopefully be completing the third phase. If you are interested in supporting this project financially or coming on the team; please let me know.

Church in Tunuco

The last touch was put on the church in Tunuco. The doors and windows were installed.

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