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Construction Projects

Projects Around the Ministry Center

We continue to whittle away at the many projects that we want to do around the ministry center. Our front gate at the street was completed and looks great. It is basically a “rhino liner” surface such as you see in pickup box beds. We also did the 5 doors out in the pool area with this new painting process. It is another area where the sun really beats down on the doors and the pool chemicals also eat away at the metal doors and so we think that this new type of paint will function well there. I have purchased the paint to now paint the changing rooms and building where we house the pool equipment and that will be a future project. I also purchased paint for a couple of more projects that we are planning to do; so there is no end in sight at the moment for the projects that we would like to get done. We continue to get more of the electrical switches and plugs changed out around the ministry center. We started to paint the drop ceiling around the center which is a big job; a lot that has to be done with scaffolding. The ministry center is only one of the properties that the ministry owns and it takes a lot to try to keep things looking look; but we want our properties to be well maintained.


Tunuco Church Construction

A team from Georgia/Michigan came in March to assist with the building of the new church that we are doing in the village of Tunuco. The foundational work was done prior to their arrival but they assisted in raising up the walls, putting on the roof, plastering the walls and getting the platform at the front of the church poured. Our Guatemalan workers will complete the process and some of the church people are also getting involved to see this project completed.

Pastor Armando finished painting the rest of the new church signs. All of our churches have the new signs now and look very nice. Some of the church buildings need to be painted; but at least we have fresh new signs that identify whose churches they are😊!

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