Construction Projects

Maintenance Around the Ministry Center

We continue to do our major “over haul” on the ministry center. It is almost 20 years old and it was time to do some pretty major sprucing up, to keep it looking good. We are finally getting to the painting of the walls; which shows up much more than all of the door sanding/painting that has been so time consuming. Things are looking good!


Construction on the Camotan Church

We are working on plastering the three outside walls that were never plastered. The rainy season has begun and so it is important to get these walls sealed so that the moisture doesn’t go inside and affect that plaster. The walls are really high and so it takes quite a bit of scaffolding to reach the upper areas. For this reason, they are doing the two coats at that same time, before moving the scaffolding. Other funds were promised to be sent in June and we are doing calculations to see what may be available after we finish the outside walls and deciding how best to use those. Praise God to see some more work be done on this church!
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Recent Construction

We added a door from the street that will enter into one of our Bible School classrooms. We have not had any students for a few years and we are in need of more storage place. This will be a place where we can store the school supplies for our School Sponsorship Project and there is also an open outdoor area from the other side of this room where teams can work to fill our school packs. It puts something that was not being used into use for a growing need that we have had. For those of you who have been here, this will be the area above where Abner and his family live.